When you craft one of the world’s finest liquors, there’s an art to every singlestep. Bang Bang is one such art form that creates the harmony between Philosophy and Drinking. You will be delighted to taste the passion that goes into each bottle of our products along with the unique flavor that is developed during the distillation process. From rich tones of HONEYDEW to the rich bouquet of the finest Indian grains , our liquor embraces these notes along with subtle tones of MALT and the enchanting colors that is unmistakably Bang Bang.This is how every aqua vitae gets its exquisite taste and distinct aroma, including artisan crafted designs, and the unparalleled smoothness of our ultra-premium MALT varieties. Each one of our liquors is unique,yet simply perfect for all your senses.
Premium Indian liquor


This bottle of ON THE ROCKS contains pure taste, rich history, tradition and keen attention to detail that makes it more than just a beverage; it makes you participate in a celebration of artisanship and deep pleasures of life..

The smell of this iconic elixir is alluring and enjoyable. This “aquavitae” exudes intense and fresh tones of citrus balanced beautifully with hints of spicyoak. The blend contains a high proportion of malts where the single malts are noted for their elegance and complexity. This nature kissed golden malt is matured in sherry casks over several years.

Crafted with the pure art of manliness, the spirit gives you a clean and crisp flavor and it leaves behind a pleasing harmony between natural sweetness and soft spicy oakon the palate. ON THE ROCKS offers full-bodied flavor that is deep, sweet, nutty and smooth, developing into a long, warm satisfying finish. A rock solid blend for a rock solid character. Buy On The Rocks whisky, the best known whiskey from Bang Brews.

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Premium Indian Whisky


BANG BANG is more than just premium whisky. It is an indulgence, a toast to a rich civilization, an ode to the continuity of culture, a manifesto of man’s determination to use the resources of nature to refresh the mind, body and soul.

A bit tender on the nose, it blends into the mouth to gently unfold the fruity aroma, which dissolves to exude the flavor of virgin vanilla and coconut. No other drink can match this experience that smells like wonderland leaving a delicate aromatic presence in the background.

The rich celebrated spirit of BANG BANG is honey toned with notes of fresh fruits and defined smokiness. A refined taste, which romances your taste buds to give an interesting grip on the palate, as the nose ultimately converts all of this into a cohesive experience. This spirit reflects the style of blended imported Malt Whiskies with the finest Indian Grain spirits; an array of rich ingredients and textured smoked flavor that develops into a memorable finish.

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True Taste

“What's coming will come and we'll just have to meet it when it does”.
- J.K. Rowling